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Mine Dark World


As its name implies, players who run into the dark dungeon full of unknown danger will act as an alchemist to step on an adventurous journey and try every effect to survive. You shall gather resources, assign appropriate farmers of different roles, build structures and produce enough supplies to build your own underworld city, and then train warriors and go out to the wild for adventure where you will face various weired creatures, conquer multi-layer strongholds or revive dead heroes to serve you. It also integrates many interesting random events for you to enjoy different fun, such as gambling with incoming visitors, lending money to a tramp for uncertain future refund, or learning skills from a tutor with a high pay.
:::: Game Features ::::·80+ classes, thousands of team combo·10+ maps, 500+ areas/dungeons, constantly updated·Fun city building, brain-twisting resources production·Simple but elaborately designed graphics·Immersed text-based storyline·Easy-to-control but eye-catching battles·Rich random events, hundreds of achievements for you to compete in Game Center
Wanna be a hero? Just rush into the dungeon and earn your fame in the endless adventure.Enjoy it and have fun !!
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